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Clan Information
Weather: Leaf-bare, Morning
Leaf-bare has come upon the Clans. Frequent cold rains and gusts of powerful winds torment the cats of the ruins. As the sun rises over the desecrated city its rays warm the backs of the cats living in its shadows, and snow is beginning to fall.

Leader: Bumblestar (@Aquastar)
Deputies: Kestrelthorn (@Willowstorm), Cherryhaze (@Feather)
Medicine cats: Peachwhisker (@Leopardspots), Chervilfang (@Daisyleap)
Medicine apprentices: Mosspaw (@Davewing),

Leader: Sleekstar (@Willowstorm)
Deputies: Loftwing (@Aquastar)
Medicine cats: Wasplight (@Quake), Covewhisper (@Feather)
Medicine apprentices: Lynxpaw (@Wishflight), {reserved}

Leader: Frozenstar (@Feather)
Deputies: Stagheart (@Leopardspots), {reserved}
Medicine cats: Flurryfeather (@Metzi),
Medicine apprentices: Foxpaw (@Lily)

Leader: Hauntstar (@Leopardspots)
Deputies: Doespirit (@Doespirit),
Medicine cats: Fogberry (@Willowstorm), Pearldapple (@Aquastar)
Medicine apprentices: Saffronpaw (@Feather),
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RippleClan Allegiances Empty RippleClan Allegiances

on Fri 17 Aug 2018, 1:53 pm
Last updated 26th November
NOTE: Names of cats are links, click to see their auditions. Link to RippleClan Auditions forum

LeaderSleekstar {Willow}

First DeputyLoftwing {Aqua}
Apprentice: Otterpaw
Second Deputy:

First Medicine catWasplight {Quake}
Apprentice: Emberpaw
Second Medicine catCovewhisper {Feather}
Apprentice: (in the future: Oceankit)

Rainspots {Willow}
Dreampoppy {Feather}
Morningrose {Leo}
Rainwhisker {Dave}
Lostblaze {Feather}
Brightsong {Lily}
Silversplash {Feather}
Bluemoon {Feather}
Oakfur {Feather}
Russethawk {Willow} apprentice: Wolfpaw
Whisperocean {Metzi}
Birchpelt {Dave}
Troutfin {Leo}

Medicine cat:
Emberpaw {Konesans}
Otterpaw {Lily}
Wolfpaw {Feather}

Queens and Kits:
Snowlily {Willow} - mother of Sunrisekit {Feather} and Flowerkit {Willow}
Newtpad {Leo} - mother of Toadkit {Willow} and Laurelkit {open}
Oceankit {Lily}

Sparklily {Aqua}
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