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Oceankit of RippleClan

on Thu 16 Aug 2018, 4:19 pm

~~ O C E A N L I L Y ~~

5 moons
Kit - Medicine Cat Apprentice

Oceankit is a silver tabby she-cat with green eyes and fluffy fur. Her webbed paws are huge and she stumbles around a lot, causing her to trip into other cats. She has a bit of blue in her eyes and she also has a long tail, with a lot of fluff.

Oceankit isn't what you'd call a normal cat. Even if she stumbles around a lot, she's actually quite hypo-active but calm at the same time. She's quite loyal, however she is very annoying at times. She's fearless, not afraid of anything and bold, occasionally not listening to others. She follows what she believes in. She's disobedient, however a patient mentor will get through to her. She listens, oh she does, however she has trouble understanding if cats don't show her instead of telling her. She has her own way of story telling. She acts it out. She insists that everyone is brave.

Future Stats
Fighting - 4
Hunting - 2
Climbing - 1
Running -  3
Swimming - 9
Strength - 5
Stamina - 2
Memory skills - 8

Willowbranch and Minnowriver met when.. well when Willowbranch was born. Willowbranch was an apprentice when Minnowriver got his warrior name. They did have a crush on each other. When Willowpaw became Willowbranch, they became mates and soon Willowbranch was expecting kits. She had three kits, Pearlkit, Oceankit and Sandkit. The three kits were insepretable, however Oceankit was the more mischievous of the three. Oceankit often pushed herself to the limits and often acted out the stories the elders told her. Now that she's five moons, she has grown a soft spot for herbs and she is considering asking to be a medicine cat, as even if she is hyper-active and she doesn't like sitting still, her true love lies in helping other cats find their inner 'roar'.
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