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Doespirit of PathClan

on Thu 16 Aug 2018, 12:23 am

~~ D O E S P I R I T ~~

40 moons
Deputy 1

Doespirit is a dark ginger she-cat with beautiful soft fur and a white patch around her left eye. She has white speckles all over her body and she has one white paw, her left back one. She has the mutation of being able to see in the dark, like most of her clan. She also has bigger paws and claws, like the rest of her clan. Her tail is long and fluffy.

Doespirit is a cat who doesn't let others make her feel down. She always looks for the fun and light in life, believing that there will always be light and believing no cats are truly evil. She is protective of her clanmates, even only after knowing them for only a moon or so. She will put down her life to defend her clan. She misses her father, however he is with her, always. She is ambitious, almost allowing herself to fall to that line before pulling herself out of it. She's very hypo-active, however she can tone it down so she acts more mature then she is.

Fighting - 6
Hunting -  6
Climbing - 1
Running -  6
Swimming - 0
Strength - 5
Stamina - 2
Memory skills - 8

Raised as a true clan cat, Doespirit doesn't do much other then hunt, bleed for, fight and protect her clan. As a kit, she had a beautiful relationship with her father, Stagleap. Stagleap loved his one kit and he would never let anything happen to her. She loved her mother too and also had a special relationship with two apprentices, Blazepaw and Dawnpaw. When she became an apprentice, however, Blazepaw and Dawnpaw became warriors the same day. So, she was alone in the apprentice den, save for the other apprentices who avoided her at all costs. She was given the mentor Nettlestride, a grumpy warrior who hated her with all his passion; mainly because of her excitement and hypo-activeness. Doepaw had to end up being mostly trained by her own experiences and by Blazewind and Dawnlight. Doepaw became Doespirit, as the leader believed that she has the spirit that could make her become a great warrior. Over the moons, things changed her life. Her father was killed by greencough and her mother disappeared. She misses them dearly, however when the leader appointed her deputy, she was shocked. She asked why and they told her it was because of her determination and her loyalty. Her excuse to not be the deputy was 'everyone has those traits'. The leader still made her deputy though.
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