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Clan Information
Weather: Leaf-fall, Morning
Leaf-fall has come upon the Clans. Frequent cold rains and gusts of powerful winds torment the cats of the ruins. As the sun rises over the desecrated city its rays warm the backs of the cats living in its shadows.

Leader: Bumblestar (@Aquastar)
Medicine cats: Peachwhisker (@Leopardspots),
Medicine apprentices: Mosspaw (@Davewing),

Leader: Sleekstar (@Rowanshark)
Medicine cats:
Medicine apprentices:

Leader: (@Quake)
Deputies: Jadescorch (@Feather)
Medicine cats:
Medicine apprentices: Lynxpaw (@Wishflight)

Leader: Hauntstar (@Leopardspots)
Deputies: Doespirit (@Doespirit),
Medicine cats:
Medicine apprentices: Saffronpaw (@Feather),
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vixenpaw - rushclan - apprentice (wip)

on Fri 17 Aug 2018, 8:26 am


"Jaypaw, let's go! There's something important I need to tell you, and I'm not doing it in front of these cats."

.:Apprentice of RushClan:.
.:Six moons:.
.:Mentor; Open:. 

"Of course I'm ready, I have to be. What kind of question is that."

Vixenpaw is a pale ginger cat, but she has dark ginger stripes that are on her pelt that are almost like rings that go down to the tip of her tail. She has two white spots on her pelt, one on her flank, the other on her neck. Her eyes hold a color that is a clear blue and it slowly fades into a darker blue closer to her pupil. Her build is normal she has long legs for an apprentice her age, right now she is about the normal size of RushClan apprentice. Muscle wise she doesn't have much but this makes her light and quick. 


"I swear on the dead cats in the sky if you don't let me do this already I'm going to flip."

Vixenpaw is one of the stubborn hard headed cats that argues with everyone. It takes a lot to convince her to change what she is doing. She has a sharp tongue too that will snap at any cat that gets in her way. Vixenpaw, is the total opposite of quiet. She is loud. It always seems like she is yelling at you when she is talking but she doesn't know it. It constantly speaking her mind, she doesn't care what anyone thinks of her as long as they know that's she is there and nothing is going to change that until she dies. The other thing is that Vixenpaw is brutally honest. She will tell you if you look like crap or if you are doing something wrong. She doesn’t care she will just say what comes to her mind and it will always be the truth from her. Vixenpaw loves to learn new things and has always been a fast learner. She hates it when cats give her corrections. So nobody would want to teach her. The way she learns is by watching other cats and putting that into a way that she can do. This makes her incredibly independent, she tends to not want to use others for support. 

Fighting - 
Hunting - 
Climbing - 
Running - 
Swimming - 
Strength - 
Stamina - 
Memory - 
Herb Knowledge - 
Intelligence - 

Mother - Sandsplash
Father - Oakleaf
Siblings/Litermates - Jaypaw (open)

Vixenpaw has one brother named Jaypaw, he is shy, kind, and sweet. The total opposite of Vixenpaw who is loud, stubborn, and brash. There was nothing that happened in her early life that makes her who she is. She's always been like that, brash, with a sharp tongue. Though Sandpaw would always convince Jaypaw to do things with her and they would get in trouble. They would put thorns in nests and many other things to do, but she'd always get in trouble with the mouth of hers she had. Even when she was a kit she would talk back to warriors and elders. Now, she's an apprentice and absolutely ready to drive some warrior crazy.


Lillith Virgil Marceline
I have a lust for the answers I’ll never receive.

sup how you doin’ I’ve been making edgy shit for who knows how long. You’re welcome.

(also yes my real name is lillith virgil marceline)
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Re: vixenpaw - rushclan - apprentice (wip)

on Thu 15 Nov 2018, 7:07 pm
needs work
Complete skills and you'll be good!


PathClan: Hauntstar
CrestClan: Peachwhisker
RippleClan: Morningrose
RushClan: Stagheart
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