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Creating a Character

on Mon 08 Oct 2018, 6:10 pm
Auditions MUST have:
NAME: present and future (if any). Names are written as Firepaw, Nightflare, Stormstar, not like FireFang or Wind-Blaze.

Age: written in moons not months/years

Gender: tom (male) or she-cat (female)

Rank: kit, apprentice, warrior, etc. If your cat is a queen, they must be a female.

Clan: RippleClan, RushClan, etc, or rogue/loner if they are not part of a Clan

Appearance: fur colour, eye colour, etc. If you wish, you can find a photo of your cat from Google to base the appearance off of, and insert it into the audition as well.

Personality: happy, shy, kind, hates other cats, etc. Written as a paragraphs, not listed in bullet points.

Skills: strengths and weaknesses of your cat - typically fighting, hunting, climbing, running, swimming, climbing, sight, and memory, ranked from 0-10 (0-3 being bad, 4-6 being average, 7-10 being very good)

Family: parents, littermates, and other close family. Do not use other people's cats without permission, please! If your cat has no family, they still need names, or you can put them as up for adoption. For example:
Mother - Icelily, deceased
Father - Torntail, living, elder (adoptable)
Siblings - Flickerpaw (living, adoptable), Specklekit (deceased)

History: If the cat is a kitten under the age of 4 moons or so, write about their parents and how their history will affect the kit.


Age (moons): 
Skills (out of 10): 
Hunting - /10
 Fighting - /10
 Climbing - /10
 Running - /10
 Vision - /10
 Hearing - /10
 Swimming - /10
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