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Clan Information
Weather: Leaf-bare, Morning
Leaf-bare has come upon the Clans. Frequent cold rains and gusts of powerful winds torment the cats of the ruins. As the sun rises over the desecrated city its rays warm the backs of the cats living in its shadows, and snow is beginning to fall.

Leader: Bumblestar (@Aquastar)
Deputies: Kestrelthorn (@Willowstorm)
Medicine cats: Peachwhisker (@Leopardspots), Chervilfang (@Daisyleap)
Medicine apprentices: Mosspaw (@Davewing),

Leader: Sleekstar (@Willowstorm)
Deputies: Loftwing (@Aquastar)
Medicine cats: Wasplight (@Quake), Covewhisper (@Feather)
Medicine apprentices: Lynxpaw (@Wishflight), {reserved}

Leader: Spiderstar (@Quake)
Deputies: Jadescorch (@Feather), Stagheart (@Leopardspots)
Medicine cats: Flurryfeather (@Metzi),
Medicine apprentices: Foxpaw (@Lily)

Leader: Hauntstar (@Leopardspots)
Deputies: Doespirit (@Doespirit),
Medicine cats: Fogberry (@Willowstorm), Pearldapple (@Aquastar)
Medicine apprentices: Saffronpaw (@Feather),
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Guide :: "Cat speak" Dictionary

on Mon 08 Oct 2018, 6:00 pm
General Terminology:

Carrionplace - A Twoleg dump.
Crowfood – A dead prey animal that has begun to rot; can also be used as an insult. Also known as buzzardfood, or chickfeed.
Dirt ('Making Dirt') - Feces, defecating.
Fresh-kill – A recently killed prey animal caught for the purpose of consumption. Also known as "caught-prey". Elders, kits, queens, and sick cats eat first, then warriors and apprentices. Extras stay in the fresh-kill pile, and stores can be built, but typically only using 'forest' prey, as fish does not keep well.
Gathering – The monthly meeting of all the Clans when the moon is full, at the Gathering Island. There is a truce on this night, and no fighting is allowed.
Halfbridge – A boat dock.
Horseplace – A place where horses were once kept, such as ranches and stables.
Hunting Patrol – A group of cats hunting for fresh-kill to bring back for their Clan to eat. May fight if there are trespassers.
Loner – A cat that lives by itself and doesn't defend its territory.
Monster – A vehicle operated by humans; cars, trucks, buses, the like. Boats referred to as "water-monsters". 
Rogue – A usually hostile cat who does not have a permanent home, roams around, and does not care about crossing Clan boundaries.
Sharing tongues – Cats grooming each other while sharing the latest gossip. A cat lies on the ground, talking, while the other grooms their fur, listening. Also known as "giving of close comfort."
She-cat - A female cat.
She-kit - A female kit.
Silver boulder - A boulder that, when the silver disc is pulled off, holds Twoleg rubbish. A rubbish bin/trash can.
Silverpelt – The large swath of stars in the sky (believed to be the Milky Way). These stars are a direct representation of StarClan.
Silverthorn - Barbed wire.
Smooth boulder-thing - Twoleg ball.
Snowmelt - A term used to describe slush or dirty, melted snow.
Soft boulder - A pillow or cushion.
StarClan - where good Clan cats go when they die; an afterlife.
Tree-eater – A bulldozer.
Thunderpath – A paved road with an extremely acrid scent that cars often go across. Common in Twolegplaces.
Tom/tomcat - A male cat.
Tom-kit - a male kit.
Twoleg nest – A house once inhabited by humans.
Twolegplace – An abandoned town, city, or village

Time Phrases:

Newleaf - The season of spring.
Greenleaf - The season of summer.
Leaf-fall - The season of autumn or fall.
Leaf-bare - The season of winter.
Moon - The time between one full moon and the next, spanning about 28 days; a month. Ages of cats are measured in moons.
Moonhigh - When the moon is the highest in the sky; about midnight.
Moonrise - The time when the moon rises, typically just after dusk.
Half-moon - About two weeks, half a month.
Quarter-moon - About a week.
Sunhigh - The point during the day when the sun is highest in the sky; noon.
Sunrise - One day in cat time (i.e. One sunrise ago).
Season - A quarter of a year in cat time. Four seasons equal a year, with three moons (roughly) to a season. Typically a new year is counted at the beginning of Newleaf. 
Heartbeat - A split second; "In a heartbeat"
Claw-moon - When the moon resembles the shape of an unsheathed claw, equivalent to crescent moon. Typically between the time of No-Moon (half way between full moons; about two weeks) and the quarter-moon phases. 
Sundown - Alternate name for dusk, where the sun has sunk behind the horizon.
Sunup - Alternate name for dawn, the rising of the sun.

Distance Phrases:

Fox-length - About the length of a fox; approximately a yard/80cm.
Kittenstep or kitstep - About the length of kit's step; approximately 1-1 and a half inches/1.25-2.5 cm.
Tail-length - About the length of a cat's tail; approximately a foot/30cm.
Rabbit hop or rabbit length - About a foot and a half/45cm.
Mouse-length - About two or three inches/5-7.5cm.
Pawstep - About the length of a grown cat's step, roughly six inches/15cm.
Tree-length - About the length of a fallen tree; around 40 to 50 feet/12-15m.

Geographical phrases: 
East - where the sun rises 
West - where the sun sets
North - right of sunset
South - right of sunrise

Insults, Exclamations, And Phrases:
As easy as swallowing a minnow - A phrase used to indicate easiness of the task.
As much use as a dead fox - A harsh insult, meaning the recipient is useless.
Bat-blind- an insult to a cat's eyesight, similar to the phrase "as blind as a bat".
Bees in your brain - An exclamation meaning confusion or a cat not making sense. (You've got bees in your brain!)
Beetle-brain - friendly insult similar to mouse-brain.
Chickfeed- Alternative of crowfood.
Cleanpaw- A scornful insult used for someone who sticks to the rules closely.
Crowfood - A harsh insult comparing the recipient to rotting prey animals (as in I'll turn you into crowfood!), or suggesting that they eat it (as in crowfood-eater).
(You're) crazier than a fox in a fit! - An insult used when a cat (or cats) are acting crazy. Another variation uses "madder" instead of "crazier."
Doesn't matter a whisker/Doesn't catch so much as a whisker - An exclamation meaning the cat does not care, (i.e. it didn't matter a whisker that she didn't share their beliefs) similar to I don't give a mousetail. Or saying that a patrol didn't catch anything.
Dormouse - An expression or exclamation used against a cat who sleeps a lot.
Drypaw - A cat that dislikes getting wet, usually used in RippleClan.
Dungface- A harsh insult.
Featherbrain - A term equivalent to mousebrain; a gentle, teasing insult.
Fishface, fishfur or fish-breath - An insult used against RippleClan warriors.
Flea-brain - A friendly, yet harsh insult. Severity of the insult is almost always decided by tone.
Foxbreath - A harsh insult.
Fox-dung - An exclamation of frustration (Oh, fox-dung!) or to tell another that they smell like fox dung.
Fox-hearted - An insult meaning cruel, cold-hearted, or evil.
Frog-dung - Same as fox-dung, but often used in RippleClan.
Frog-dirt and Fish-guts - Used in RippleClan, has the same meaning as thistles and thorns.
Furball - A friendly, yet harsh insult. Severity decided by tone.
Fuzz-brain - A friendly, but harsh insult, often insinuating the cat has the brain of a small, fuzzy kit or rabbit. Severity decided by tone.
Great StarClan! - An exclamation used to signify extreme surprise or anger. Similar to "Oh my god!" in usage and to the fact that they both have mention of a higher force.
Hare-dung - Used as an exclamation, similar to "mouse-dung". Used by RushClan.
When hedgehogs fly - An exclamation style statement that shows disbelief that a certain event will likely occur. Somewhat like the human phrase, "When pigs fly".
How in Silverpelt? - An exclamation used meaning "How in the world?"
I don't give a mousetail/They wouldn't give a mousetail - An exclamation meaning that the cat does not care. Another variation is "I would ____ for a couple of mousetails" meaning that they are willing to do the inserted action for no real reward. Can also mean that a cat would be stingy enough not to share a mousetail.
I'd have shredded you into mousedust! - to gravely injure, rip to shreds. Similar to mousemeat. 
In all the stars - an exclamation.
It's better to scare away a mouse than welcome a badger - An old nursery saying that means that it's better to scare away a friendly cat than welcome a not-so-friendly cat.
Make dirt - to use the bathroom, or the dirtplace in warrior terms.
May StarClan light your path/banish all the fleas from your nest - A friendly term used to tell others they wish them well.
May the Sun warm your back and the fish leap into your paws - A blessing used in RippleClan used to wish good dreams or, in some instances, to say farewell to a dead cat.
May you find good hunting, swift running, and shelter when you sleep - An ancient farewell used by all the Clans, to say goodbye to loved ones on their way to StarClan.
Minnow-brain - A friendly but harsh insult. RippleClan version of "mouse-brain".
Mouse-brain - A friendly yet harsh insult. Severity decided by tone.
Mouse-dung - A somewhat harsh insult comparing the recipient to mouse feces. Also used as an exclamation (as in Mouse-dung! That can't be right!). Somewhat like "Darn it!"
Mouse-hearted - An insult that describes one who is cowardly.
Mousefodder - An insult describing that the cat is worthless
(Only) StarClan knows (what) - Sometimes used to answer a question that is impossible to answer. Similar to "Only god knows what," "Only god knows," and "god knows."
Pain in the tail - An insult meaning a cat is irritating or lazy.
Pigeon-brain - an insult commonly used to describe CrestClan
Rabbit-brain - An insult that is friendly but harsh. A RushClan version of mouse-brain.
Rabbit-chasers - A less harsh insult used to describe RushClan
Scaredy-mouse! - A similar expression to scaredy-cat, referring to a cat easily frightened. 
Scaredy-sparrow - Same as the term "scaredy-mouse." 
Snake-heart(ed) - Similar to the term "fox-hearted," generally to describe PathClan.
Snake-tongue - An insult meaning rude, cold or unfair; similar to "fox-hearted" or "snake-hearted"
Sorry catches no prey, or Sorry fills no bellies - Means cats can be sorry, but that will not change the past.
StarClan's kits! – An exclamation of surprise or disbelief. Sometimes used as an exclamation if a cat is hurt.
Tabbies don't change their stripes - means that a cat doesn't change their nature. Equivalent to "a leopard can't change his spots."
Toad-brain - similar to mouse-brain.
What in StarClan's name?- A exclamation similar to "What on earth?" or "What in the world?"
That's a load of badger droppings - A harsh exclamation saying that something is nonsense.
Thistles and thorns - Used to describe bad luck (as in: Thistles and thorns! I blew it!); similar to "Darn it" or "mouse-dung."
Water rat - An insult used to describe RippleClan
Who made dirt in their fresh kill/nest?- A phrase to describe a cranky or suddenly moody cat.
Would've made mousemeat out of you! - To badly injure, rip to shreds. Similar to mousedust.
Who ruffled their fur?- A similar way of saying "who got under their skin?"
You fight/hunt like a kittypet! - An expression used to insult or tease a cat who fights/hunts poorly.

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