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Hauntstar of PathClan

on Mon 01 Oct 2018, 8:42 am
Hauntkit - Hauntpaw - Hauntwish - Hauntstar

Age: 64 moons
Appearance: Hauntstar is a dilute tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow eyes. She has a white tail-tip, white paws, and a white streak down her chest. Her fur is short and soft. As with all PathClan cats, Hauntstar has wide eyes and big ears. She is rather skinny, less lean and more gangly despite being fully grown.
Personality: Hauntstar can come off as unsettling to cats, for good reasons. She rarely displays emotions, instead hiding them behind a serene smile. She's rather quiet, always listening and observing. She's calm and calculated, always thinking through her actions. She isn't afraid to lie to her Clanmates for their safety, and doesn't understand how some cats can blindly trust words without evidence.
Hunting - 8/10
Fighting - 3/10
Sight - 9/10
Swimming - 1/10
Climbing - 4/10
Running - 2/10
Memory - 10/10 (petty)
Father - Batwhisker (elder, open)
Mother - Echobreeze (elder, open)
Siblings - Ivystripe (warrior, open), Spottedcreek (warrior), Shadeheart (deceased)
Mate - Flickersight (warrior, open)
Kits - Hootpaw (apprentice, open), Badgerpaw (apprentice, open)
Hauntstar was born to PathClan's old deputy and a well respected warrior, so growing up she and her littermates were treated with respect by their Clanmates. In return, they had high expectations to live up to. Hauntstar always tried to stay on everyone's good side, ratting out other kits when they snuck out or put thorns in someone's nest. Her peers saw her as insufferable, but cats older than her saw her as a responsible future warrior. She was made an apprentice at a normal time and received an excellent warrior training. She got to know one of her peers, a cat who she would once sell down the river for a mousetail, and fell in love with him.
Shortly after she and her siblings became warriors, her brother Shadeheart had an encounter with a RippleClan patrol and was badly wounded, later succumbing to infection. She became infuriated at the lack of action being taken to avenge his death, and specifically sought out the cat responsible for giving him his wounds and killed them when the two met in battle by use of trickery. Shortly after the battle she was given an apprentice, whom she trained to be a successful warrior. Her mother stepped down as deputy shortly after Hauntstar's apprentice became a warrior, and Hauntstar was made second deputy of PathClan.
As deputy, she made strides in expanding PathClan's territory, intimidating the other Clans, and ensuring cats patrolling the new borders were cured of bloodcough if they caught it. When the old leader died, she ascended peacefully to the position of leader. A moon after becoming leader, she became pregnant with Flickersight's kits and gave birth shortly after.
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