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Clan Information
Weather: Leaf-bare, Morning
Leaf-bare has come upon the Clans. Frequent cold rains and gusts of powerful winds torment the cats of the ruins. As the sun rises over the desecrated city its rays warm the backs of the cats living in its shadows, and snow is beginning to fall.

Leader: Bumblestar (@Aquastar)
Deputies: Kestrelthorn (@Willowstorm), Cherryhaze (@Feather)
Medicine cats: Peachwhisker (@Leopardspots), Chervilfang (@Daisyleap)
Medicine apprentices: Mosspaw (@Davewing),

Leader: Sleekstar (@Willowstorm)
Deputies: Loftwing (@Aquastar)
Medicine cats: Wasplight (@Quake), Covewhisper (@Feather)
Medicine apprentices: Lynxpaw (@Wishflight), {reserved}

Leader: Frozenstar (@Feather)
Deputies: Stagheart (@Leopardspots), {reserved}
Medicine cats: Flurryfeather (@Metzi),
Medicine apprentices: Foxpaw (@Lily)

Leader: Hauntstar (@Leopardspots)
Deputies: Doespirit (@Doespirit),
Medicine cats: Fogberry (@Willowstorm), Pearldapple (@Aquastar)
Medicine apprentices: Saffronpaw (@Feather),
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Dreampoppy|RippleClan Empty Dreampoppy|RippleClan

on Tue 21 Aug 2018, 3:02 pm
Dreampoppy|RippleClan 20171109_212948
《|There is a condition worse than blindness, Rainspots, and that is seeing something that isn't there. For this I consider myself lucky to only be blind.|》
《|Outgoing, Loving, Wise|》
♤ Name: Dreampoppy
♡ Age: 16 moons
♤ Gender: Female
♡ Sexuality: Bisexual
♤ Rank: Warrior
♡ Clan: Ripple
♤ Mentor: Littlewave|Open|
♡ Apprentice: Open

《 Appearance: Dreampoppy is a small, black and white shecat with white paws, except for on one of her front paws her toes alternate from being black and white. Other than that one the rest are white. She has long, slender limbs that lead to a lithe, strong build and a slightly short tail. Her paws are small, holding long, sharp claws. She has a medium length pelt with a white chest that thins to a stripe down her underbelly, and there's a white patch on her muzzle as well. Her eyes are a deep, gorgeous amber with green surrounding the pupil but they hold a misty sheen over them due to her being born blind. 
Mutations: Larger lungs, webbed paws, water poison immunity (only when swimming in it, ingesting is not recommended)

《 Personality: Wise is one word you could use to describe Dreampoppy, but it's far from covering every aspect of her. Alongside it she's loving and outgoing with a raging amount of confidence in her abilities despite her being blind. She has a habit of getting bitter about her blindness though, and it might one day be her downfall. Despite this she tries her best to remain positive about her disability, since it makes her unique within the clan. Dreampoppy has a slight temper that flares easily if she's made fun of for being blind, and she'll often give a witty response to the teasing if she's held back from clawing off their ears. She's highly intelligent with years of knowledge beyond her age, and it was originally thought she'd be a medicine cat because of it, but she was set on the life of a warrior. This is where her stubborn nature comes in. Despite her many good traits, she has very prominent bad ones as well. Such as her hatred towards being judged, and her aggression when she's told she won't be the best warrior. Thankfully her loving nature ensures the outbursts from these negative traits are few and far between.

《 Skills:
♧ Fighting-2
◇ Hunting-7
♡ Basic senses-4
♤ Stealth-5
■ Running-4
□ Swimming-7
● Climbing-2
○ Strength-3
° Stamina-5
¤ Memory skills-6
▪️ Herb knowledge-2
☆ Social skills-6

《 Family:
》Mother- Mintriver
》Father- Ashentail
》Littermates- Morningrose|Open| Heatherkit|Deceased|
》Siblings- Sleekstar|Willow| 
》Crush- Rainspots|Willow|
》Mate- Will be Rainspots
》Kits- None yet

《 History: Dreampoppy was born to Mintriver and Ashentail, two noble warriors of RippleClan. Alongside her were Morningkit and Heatherkit, two other shecats. Their kithood was relatively normal, aside from the unfortunate passing of Heatherkit. Dreamkit was incredibly close to their older brother, Sleekfire, and another kit in RippleClan, Rainkit. Due to her being blind, Dreamkit's start was difficult but having her brother and Rainkit, she made it through to six moons, when she became Dreampaw. 

As a mentor, she was given Littlewave, who was a warrior that lost half of her sight as an apprentice. The two didn't get along at first, but over time, they warmed up to each other and worked together amazingly. It was found that, even without her sight, Dreampaw was, and still is, and excellent hunter, and a strong swimmer. Littlewave nurtured her apprentice's strengths whilst also bettering her weaknesses to the best of her ability, and at fourteen moons, Dreampaw became Dreampoppy alongside Rainpaw who became Rainspots. 

Shortly after becoming a warrior, the death of the previous leader struck the clan, and Dreampoppy showed the utmost pride at seeing her brother rise up to take charge. She's often seen since then, excitedly going on about how her brother is no longer Sleekfire, but Sleekstar.
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Dreampoppy|RippleClan Empty Re: Dreampoppy|RippleClan

on Mon 05 Nov 2018, 5:45 pm
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