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on Tue 21 Aug 2018, 2:10 am
Name: Flurryfeather

Age: 72 moons

Gender: Male

Rank: Medicine Cat

Clan: Rushclan

Flurryfeather is a short furred, light gray tabby tom. He has dark gray stripes running the length of his body. His fur is often tangled and his tail is short. Though his fur is messy, he takes pride in keeping his ears and face clean.

Flurryfeather can be extremely grumpy, but he has a soft spot for kits. With kits, he's patient, gentle, and empathetic. The same cannot be said for the others, as he tells them to 'get over it and hold still.'

Vision: 5
Hearing: 5
Running: 8
Fighting: 4
Climbing: 0
Hunting: 1
Smell: 10
Swimming: 7
Stamina: 3

Family: Unknown

History: Flurryfeather's mother left him before he even opened his eyes. A strange she-cat, who went by She, took him in since her own newborn kits had recently been stolen by a fox in a snowstorm. The only cat Flurryfeather(then Flurry) knew was She. He grew into a fine young tom who had a strange fascination in herbs. She helped him expand his knowledge, until she had to leave for unknown reasons. She gave him information of a group of cats called Rushclan, and told him to join. It took him many moons to earn their trust, but eventually he was accepted into the clan.
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