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aldereve - rippleclan - deputy (wip)

on Thu 16 Aug 2018, 10:03 am

"Being proud of my accomplishments don't mean I'm narcissistic, it means I have pride."

.:Deputy of RippleClan:.
.:Mentor; Adderbite:. 
.:Apprentice; Shadowedowl:.

"Apologizing isn't something I'm good at, so I'm not going to do it and you can't make me try."


    Comparing Aldereve to your average-sized warrior is like comparing a badger to a fox. She's huge. It isn't all fur, either! Her sheer size is enough to send any kit scurrying back to it's mother. Mentors from the other Clans point her out to their apprentices, saying to remember her and to never take her on alone. Always have a partner, because she can't focus on two cats at once. Her size isn't the only thing dangerous about her, though. Aldereve has claws and teeth just like any cat, and she knows how to use them. Her pelt is a deep ginger, which is where she gets her name from. It's the same vibrant ginger as the inside of alder bark that you can barely stand looking at. Eyes as bright as the sun give her quick sight, and the color is the green of a leaf in mid-summer. The length of her pelt is unique. Well, not unique unique. She's certainly not the only long-haired cat in RippleClan, let alone the entire city! But none of her family members that she's met has it. Neither of her parents had siblings, so she doesn't have any aunts or uncles to compare it to, and both sides of her grandparents had already been dead when she was born. The closest he could think of was Brackenfang's fluffy pelt, but not even that was long-haired.


"My job isn't to please you, it's to make sure you don't go insane."

aldereve is not someone who knows or cares how to earn your love. she is wild and she does what she wants, even when she knows that she shouldn’t. one of her biggest problems is probably impulse control. it isn’t that aldereve has no conscience, she it just doesn’t talk as fast as she does. she finds herself saying things and immediately wishing she hadn’t. unfortunately, she is also terrible at apologizing. though she might regret the words that come out of her mouth, she is not one to take them back to spare your feelings. her impulses get her in trouble in other ways. she will make plans but then feel at the last minute that she cannot follow through on them and will bail out. she is unreliable. all of this stems from her impulsiveness. and yet… sometimes, you’ll catch her off guard and she will say something so kind, so sweet, so from the heart that you know she must mean it. it isn’t something you’ll see often unless you are close to her but it’s worth the wait to see that kind of genuineness come alive in someone.

aldereve is smart and she has opinions. these are not bad things. she learns quickly, and she usually has something to say about whatever is going on. on many cats, these qualities would be valued for the assets that they are, but on aldereve, they have often been perceived as part of what makes her obnoxious. mixed with her pride, her intelligence makes her seem like she feels high and mighty over others, and her opinionated nature makes her seem like she thinks she has all the answers and is better than you. these things are not true, of course. aldereve is proud of her own accomplishments, but she knows the value of others and their work. she is opinionated and unable to keep herself from speaking, but she knows that others have valuable points of view. her personality comes together to bite her more often than not, but it isn’t because anything about her is bad- it’s just because of the way she is.

Fighting - 6
Hunting - 5
Climbing - 3
Running - 5
Swimming - 9
Strength - 6
Stamina - 4
Memory - 7
Herb Knowledge - 2
Intelligence - 8

Mother - Opalfrost
Father - Brackenfang
Siblings/Litermates - N/A
Crushes/Mate: N/A

Aldereve was born the only kit to Opalfrost and Brackenfang. Opalfrost was a beautiful spotted, light ginger tabby she-cat with pale green eyes and Spiderclaw was a large, dark gray, almost black, tabby with medium length fur and dark green eyes. Aldereve never new her mother because she died shortly after kitting her. He grew up hearing stories about her mother, and how she could give the sweetest smile in battle to throw her opponent off, before attacking without mercy. She was on the smaller side, but that never fazed her. She used her beauty and charm to draw one in. Another queen nursed him since her kits had started to eat prey, so, even then she didn't have an siblings to really grow up with her. Her father never came to the nursery and the first time she ever saw her father, was when she was allowed to venture out of the nursery. Those were the only times she was able to look at her father, and even then seeing her was scarce. The almost black tabby tom was always on patrols.

Spiderclaw never looked at her. Not until his apprentice ceremony. During the whole thing, she sat there, glaring at her son. It was only a few nights after that that the large tom drug his daughter from the apprentices' den and took her out of camp. Aldereve, then Alderpaw, thought Spiderclaw wanted to help her out since she was his son after all. It didn't turn out the way she'd thought. No, her father smacked her around and gave her a few scratches and bite marks.

After that night, Spiderclaw would come up to Alderpaw during the day and cuff her over the head, and not lightly either. pretty soon, the young but large she-cat found out ways to protect herself somewhat from her father. Within a moon, both cats would glare at each other as they passed by, Spiderlcaw taking a swipe at the apprentice, and Alderpaw dodging the best he could or giving the warrior a quick bite on the paw.

This happened all the way up til Alderpaw's warrior ceremony, most times getting heated, but only when others weren't around. Alderpaw was making sure to stay away from her father one day when another apprentice, 
a younger she-cat that always seemed too kind to be a good thing for being in RippleClan, snapped and attacked one of her friends. The she-cat that had been insulting her hadn't of been a weakling either. Alderpaw was impressed by how the she-cat finally did more than stand up for herself, she took on an apprentice more experienced and stronger than herself. That was the day that he started to watch her. She no longer got in with the already fading gossip about her not being a pure RippleClan cat. She had guts, she had to give that to Nightpaw, and she liked that in a cat. Without even realizing it, she'd started to fall for this nice she-cat.

Not even half a moon went by after that when Alderpaw was made into a warrior, his name turning into Aldereve. Sh
e was now a match for his father, maybe even more seeing as how she was larger than the older warrior. Spiderclaw took Aldereve out into the territory one day, telling others that they were going to 'freshen up' on their fighting skills. Her father was leading and they were a ways away from the camp when the tom attacked her full on. Aldereve had been ready for this, seeing as it was her father here, and beat him after a while of fighting, but not without multiple wounds. After that, Spiderclaw left her alone, except to glare, snarl or hiss at his daughter.

Aldereve slowly started to become closer to Nightpaw during their apprenticeship ever since she first saw that dangerous side of her. She was now a warrior like her and her warrior name was Nightfeather. When she was around her, she almost started to forget about all of her ambitions. The black she-cat would take up most of his attention. She had actually started to think of what it would be like to have a future with her. Aldereve didn't need to build of courage to tell her she liked her, no, she already had enough, she just wanted to wait for the right time. The day he decided it was the right time, she sat waiting in camp for her to return from a border patrol. She was going to take her out of camp when she got back, perhaps after she got something to eat if she was hungry after the patrol, and then find a secluded spot and tell her she liked her and ask the beautiful and kind she-cat if she would be his mate. Things didn't exactly go as planned. Instead, the patrol came back wounded and tired. Nightfeather was being carried by two other warriors, barely hanging on to life. Another warrior and his apprentice, was questioned by the leader and deputy. Everyone around them could hear the tale. They were attacked from behind. They didn't know who it was, they didn't have time to see. Aldereve
 went to see her in the Medicine cat's den but was quickly ushered out. It wasn't long before the medicine cat came out and announced that she had died, before she could really do anything for her. 

Aldereve had been frozen with shock at that. The she-cat she knew would have never of given up. She would have taken them out once they attacked her, she would have attacked back even more ferociously. She broke from his spell and shoved her way into the medicine cat's den, only to smell death coming from the black pelt of the she-cat she had started to love. Aldereve didn't go any closer than she was, rather she ran out of the den and out of camp. At first she was going to go after those cats--whoever they were--but then figured that without any clues she'd never figure it out. Instead she went to the place where she was going to confess her feelings, a small pool used for drinking water. Aldereve stared at the water, everything running through her mind at a hundred miles an hour until it started to slow. And when it all stopped, she started to build up a wall to keep others out. She never wanted to have that happen to her again.

Ever since then, Aldereve has tried to close her
self off from falling in love with anyone else and has been focusing on working hard to become noticed as one of the best warriors in the clan. He wants to become leader someday and set RippleClan on the path to being the greatest Clan in the city, even if she has to kill to do it. She will be ruthless to climb the chain of command. She watches how things are done, especially by the higher ups and notices what things don't work and what does. She sometimes thinks cats are daft on how they go about things. RippleClan should be ruling the city with in iron fist, not letting the other clans get away with things. Aldereve plans on changing things, no matter what.

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Lillith Virgil Marceline
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