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Drywhisker | Medicine Cat of Pathclan | WIP

on Wed 15 Aug 2018, 5:20 pm

[insert quote here]

Name: Drywhisker
Age: 131 moons
Gender: Male
Rank: Medicine Cat
Clan: Pathclan
Mentor: Hollowpool | deceased

[WIP]Appearance: Drywhisker is a dusty brown tabby tom with long hair and a stocky build His whiskers are longer than most cats, which he hates to be told. His eyes are a rusted amber that are usually piercing and cold. He has multiple scars along his torso that are almost impossible to see due to his fur being so long. His left ear has a nip or two. 

[WIP]Personality: Drywhisker is a stubborn and cold tom, whose main focus on being a medicine cat is treating wounds. He has no social skills and has no desire to talk to any of his patients while they're being treated. He is a strict medicine cat, who follows everything by the book (so to speak). Though he is a cold and hostile cat, Drywhisker cares deeply for his clan, and often will stay out late gathering herbs to make sure he's prepared or stay up to check on wounds so the injured cat gets better. He rarely gets caught keeping a watchful eye on his patients, though his apprentice has seen it once or twice. Many write it off as his desire to keep cats away from him. 

Basic Senses- 
Memory- 9
Herb knowledge- 9
Social skills- 

Mother- Ferntail | deceased
Father- Windfur | deceased
Siblings- Lightfoot | alive ; Stonetail | alive
Crush- N/A
Mate- N/A
Kits- N/A



"Fear the quiet ones."
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